Meddle™ is a content marketing tool for subject matter experts

What if you could become an industry influencer by simply offering perspectives on content you read, without quitting your day job?

Or even better, what if your entire workforce became influencers and ambassadors for your company? Imagine the reach and impact you would have; the market share you would win.

With Meddle, you can stop imagining and start doing.

Meddle is designed to help people who aren’t professional marketers easily improve their online visibility by creating or curating content tailored to their audiences. In the process they are showcasing their company as one of experts who are knowledgeable about the market and passionate about solving clients’ challenges.

We like to think of Meddle as the blogging platform for the other 99%, for those who don’t have 3-5 hours to write a blog post, but who do have 5 minutes demonstrate how your company is the the go-to source in your industry.

You may come to think of Meddle as your most critical marketing asset in a world gone social.

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The Team


Vidar Brekke

Co-Founder & CEO

Vidar has 15 years of industry experience and a founder of 3 tech startups, including Social Graphiti, acquired by Converseon in 2011.

As Chief Product Officer at Converseon, he brought to market ConveyAPI, an industry leading sentiment analysis API.

Previously he also build Built Open Audience Manager, a Facebook analytics platform and a DigiDay “Best Social Media Innovation of 2010” finalist. As the CEO of Social Intent, he built Facebook and MySpace applications (yes, this goes back a few years…) for companies such as Coca-Cola, Estee-Lauder and Equifax.

Vidar also  served as a VP Marketing for JPMorgan and Consumer Strategist for Ogilvy.

Vidar has a MA in Communications and served as an officer in the Norwegian Navy.

Other than that:
Vidar is a co-organizer of TEDxNavesink,  a Jazz aficionado, audiophile, home-brewer and purveyor of hobbies too obscure to mention. In his free time he does his best to mold his wife and 7-year old daughter into entrepreneurs as well. One of them is showing great promise…


Ballu Kommireddi

Co-Founder & CTO

Ballu is a passionate golfer, and when not golfing he is busy designing and building the Meddle platform with his developers.

He has 20+ years of experience building robust, scalable enterprise applications for companies like AT&T, Merrill Lynch, and  IBM.  Ballu designed and built AT&T BusinessDirect, an award-winning self-service web portal that received praises from Yankee Group and Network Computing Magazine for the best-in-class self-service portals.  He also built the PRISM application, an award winning complex event-processing application to detect and prevent fraudulent credit-card transactions for a major credit-card company.

He loves challenges and believes nothing is impossible.

Ted Coine

Ted Coiné

Chief Marketing Officer

Ted Coiné is a Forbes Top 10 Social Influencer, founder of the switchandshift.com blog and one of the most influential social media &customer service leaders on Twitter, with a following of over 400,000 and growing rapidly. Author of “Five-Star Customer Service” (2005) and “Spoil ’Em Rotten!” (2007) and co-author of ”A World Gone Social” (2014).

John Shammas

John Shammas

Chief Creative Officer

John fell in love with Photoshop at the age of 3. Through heavy learning and networking, he began freelance web designing at 11, redesigning interfaces for businesses and individuals internationally.

With these talents, John works to better technological education and encourage students to take an interest in the software development field. He currently serves as a Technology Liaison and Developer for his township’s Department of Education, and manages over 160 schools and colleges with over 8,000 aspiring entrepreneurs through various student organizations.

John has won national awards in website design and is involved with organizing and speaking at TEDx conferences. He works to move the web forward, strengthen education, and build memorable, usable products.

John’s Site


Mikaël Valliant

Front-end Engineer

Mikaël have over 25 years programming experience and start programming at 14 years old its Amiga 500 using the 68000 language machine.

He’s always want to know what’s inside the box and how it work. He pass lot of time mounting new computer adding the latest new hardware

He was searching for a new programming language which allow him to find more bugs and new challenges, twelve years ago he meet and fall in love with Javascript which allow him to play into the core of each web page.

He’s also a topic advisor at Expert Exchange where he’s actually lead all the Javascript zones and is in the Overall top 25 experts.


Emily Johnson Hubbard

Asst. Content Marketing Mgr.

Emily specializes in social media and currently implements social marketing strategies to increase sales of “The Most Powerful Brand On Earth: How To Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners, and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media,” a marketing text that is revolutionizing the future of social engagement.

Emily has successfully increased sales and exposure within the music industry, as well. Her work with New West Records and Brilliant Productions has led to the success of a variety of artists through event planning, product promotion and web development.

Emily is currently a student of public relations and Spanish at the University of Georgia.

Other than that:
Emily is an indoor cycling instructor and enjoys motivating others after she’s had her coffee.