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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Edition

Meddle is a Content Marketing tool that allows busy professionals to create engaging and insightful content for their social networks by commenting on what they are reading.

Combining the poignancy of Twitter with the editorial voice of a blog, Meddle allows anyone to quickly and effectively promote their point of view with regards to topics that affect their target audience.

Using our browser plug-in, you may grab excerpts from pages you’re reading and re-publish them along with your comments. This new content is called a Meddle.

Your Meddles are published into a magazine-like page on, which becomes a professional-looking showcase of your skills, insights and capabilities.

  • In the time it takes to create a tweet, you can now create content as impactful as a blog post.
  • Visitors to your Meddle page can re-discover and re-share your Meddles, long after your initial posts have rolled off your followers’ newsfeeds.
  • Most importantly, you’re cultivating a portfolio of your insights, where visitors can quickly understand what you bring to the table.

For many professionals these social networks don’t meet their needs:

  • Your Facebook profile is mostly about personal stuff.
  • Your Twitter feed features fragments of conversations intermingled with links that lack context as to how they relate to your expertise.
  • Your LinkedIn resume lists your job titles and accomplishments, which read similar to those of your peers.

Every day, Meddle makes it easy to create and showcase new content that reflects your unique insights and capabilities. Additionally, it’s easy to cross-post Meddles into other social networks if you want to reach followers you’ve cultivated there.

Yes, you can, or you can save time by using the Meddle bookmarklet to make the process faster and easier, including posting to all those networks with one click! As an added benefit, your posts can still be found on Meddle after they roll off the timelines on these networks. Even better, friends and followers who visit your Meddle page can add their comments in one place, no matter which network they belong to.

As a person with insights to share, the next best thing to writing great content is to make existing great content available and meaningful to your readers.

While the process of creating a Meddle may take less than a minute, you’re actually distilling years of know-how into an easy-to-digest nugget of information for your readers.

Consider the amazing return on you and your readers’ time compared to writing or reading an entire article.

While Meddle simplifies publishing, it is also incredibly effective for discovering relevant content and interesting people. Unique to Meddle, once you start following somebody, you can filter out topics you don’t care for. This way you’ll avoid Meddles on Home Improvement from your friend, the Mobile Marketing expert, unless of course, Home Improvement is what you look to her for!

It’s very easy! Our bookmarklet (browser plug-in) will let you post excerpts and comments from webpages with the click of a button. The bookmarklet is easy to install, in fact, all you need to do is to drag a link from our web page to your browser’s toolbar and you’re done. It’s completely secure and safe (it can’t damage your computer, access your personal information, pay our bills, etc.).

Meddle is free for individuals.

Your Meddles, comments, who you follow and who follows you, along with information you’ve entered in your bio, is public. (This is similar to Twitter, if you’re familiar with that). Your email address and log-in credentials are private and encrypted during transmission and storage.

You can opt to have your Meddles automatically posted to your social networks as you create them. You, and your visitors, can always use the social sharing functionality on every Meddle page to re-share ‘old’ Meddles as well.

We’re constantly adding support for posting Meddles to additional social networks. On top of our list is Google+, but we’re still waiting for Google to make an API available for us to do so. If there is a certain social networks you’d like us to support, please send us a note and we’ll see what we can do.

Every meddle is automatically assigned a topic. If you would like to get more granular, we recommend adding hashtags to your Meddle comments. People who search for content on a specific topic are more likely to find your Meddles if they contain relevant, descriptive hashtags.

Get as granular as you can. E.g. if you’re writing about cars, don’t use #cars as a hashtag, but rather terms like #fuelefficiency or #safety to point out the specific sub-topic of your Meddle. (P.S. Hashtags are key words or phrases written without spaces and preceded with the “#” sign.)

Not yet, but coming soon!

People will find your Meddles when:

  • they follow you on Meddle, as your Meddles will show up in their newsfeed.
  • they search for topics and people using Meddle’s own search function.
  • you share your Meddles via your social networks or email. (Use descriptive #hashtags in your Meddles to more easily be discovered on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.)
  • your visitors comment or re-share your Meddles to their own social networks.
  • they search on Google, Bing and other search engines.

We are working on features that will make it easy to see how much your Meddles are being viewed and shared, and what kind of readers you attract. If there are specific analytics that would be useful to you, let us know what they are and we’ll do our best to add them!

Currently, once you publish a Meddle, you can’t delete it or edit it. However, this will change very shortly as it’s one of our top development priorities.

Currently you can’t delete comments from yourself or others. However, this will change very shortly as it’s one of our top development priorities.

All your Meddles are public and can be seen by anyone. Should you be interested in using Meddle inside of a closed, enterprise network instead, contact us.

Users who belong to a Meddle for Enterprises account will feature a badge on their Meddles to indicate their affiliation with a company or organization.

Please send us a message here, and we will see what we can do!

We’re not having any of that! Please send us a message here with a link to the Meddle in question and we’ll take care of it!

Nope. Meddle is designed allow users to share articles with more information and context than a URL alone can offer. (Your followers will thank you).

Whenever you comment on a Meddle you have the option to share your comment with others via email, Facebook or Twitter (and soon other social networks). If all you want to do is share a Meddle without leaving your own comment, you can use the share functionality in the upper right corner of each Meddle page.

You can view and comment on Meddles on your mobile devices, but we don’t support creating new Meddles from mobile devices yet.

Please send us a message here, and we will do our best to get back to you with an answer!

If you would like to grab some Meddle buttons for your site, your email signature or a review, you can find a set of Meddle Graphics here.

Group Edition

Meddle for Enterprises brings the best insights from your employees into one central online destination. By automatically curating topic-relevant employee-generated Meddles under your brand, you’ll have more high-quality, brand-building content to offer your audiences than ever before.

Good – you’re ahead of the curve already!

Meddle is not a replacement for your agency or other content marketing solutions. Meddle is an automated (as in “no work for you”) content generation engine powered by the insights from your non-marketing employees. (Well, marketing people may use it too.)

Meddle facilitates the creation of high quality, brand-relevant content at a very high volume and frequency. Think of it as a way to augment your existing high-touch content creation and outreach. Or think if it as free lunch.

A group account simply aggregates Meddles created by your employees as they share insights on topics pertaining to their work. The result is a branded, topically-organized, social media optimized, content hub showcasing your employees’ collective wisdom.

Meddle makes it easy for you customers and prospects to get a quick look into the topics and problems your employees are focused on right now. Additionally, their Meddles become part of an ever-green library of content that can be-rediscovered, re-shared and found by search engines. With Meddle, your subject matter experts also become your most valuable marketing assets!

Meddle doesn’t replace Twitter, it makes it better!

Consider these common challenges:

  • It’s hard to build a brand in 140 character snippets. However Twitter is a great way to share links to other brand-building content. Therefore, the challenge with Twitter is really having great content content to link to.
  • Secondly, the number of brand-relevant Tweets from your employees far exceeds the volume of updates from your official twitter account. However, you can’t curate relevant employee Tweets into one customer-friendly destination. The marketing value of this activity is therefore largely unrealized.
  • Finally, most of your employees still aren’t using Twitter. They don’t feel they have anything valuable to say, nor do they see a reason to push your corporate marketing messages all day long.

Meddle solves all these problems by giving employees incentives to create and share content related their subject matter expertise. Best of all, Twitter remains a great distribution channel. However, now every Tweet leads back to your branded Meddle page, with your employee insights curated into a magazine-like presentation.

LinkedIn’s company pages, just like Twitter and Facebook, offer great ways for corporate marketers to publish updates in the “voice” of the company. Meddle, on the other hand, features employee-generated content as a way to showcase the collective intellect of your company.

Large corporations may easily aggregate thousands of expert-generated Meddles to their page every day. As Meddles are organized by topic and author, it’s easy for vistors to discover content relevant to their needs.

Enterprise-level content marketing has never been this easy and effective for organizations of any size!

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