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The more broadly your expertise is recognized, the more people will make you their go-to person


Clients, employers, peers, family and friends understand what you bring to the table.


In just a few minutes a day, Meddle lets you create content that builds your personal brand.

Yes, it’s true. Showcasing your expertise doesn’t have to be hard. Meddle lets you promote your point of view on topics that affect your target audience. Personal branding has never been easier, and neither has leveraging your social networks to connect with people you seek to influence.

How Meddle works

Meddle allows you to highlight excerpts of published articles that either resonated with you or ruffled your feathers. Our editor then allows you to add your personal commentary customized for distribution to Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn while indexing your Meddles just like a blog roll. Building your online presence with Meddle easily becomes a part of your daily routine, rather than another job.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself or check out the video below.

See Meddle in Action


Already blogging, using Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn?

Great! With Meddle you can amplify your existing efforts as Meddle automatically publishes to your favorite social networks.

As long as you’re commenting on interesting stuff in your field, you’ll be creating interesting content. No more writer’s block, no more excuses for not making social media your best personal marketing tool.

What Meddle is and isn’t

  • It isn’t another social network. It’s a better, easier way to generate content for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • It is another place for people and search engines to (re)discover your content after your posts have rolled off their newsfeeds.
  • It is a curated collection of content that showcases the breadth of your insights and interests, which is easily lost when sharing content one post at a time.

If you think this sounds cool, wait until to see some of the advanced features of the Meddle Editor.

Get started!

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